About Us

In the early 1890's, there was not a bank in Mukwonago. It was almost impossible to get money to pay debts. The merchants of Mukwonago were having difficulty buying more merchandise on credit. Businessmen could no longer carry all of their money in their pockets. A woman could hide some money in a cookie jar, but she wanted a more secure place for her money. The community needed a bank.

In October 1891, E.M. Winslow from Illinois began constructing a building to conduct business as a bank. An article in the Mukwonago Chief stated, "The Citizens Bank of Mukwonago opened for business on Wednesday, January 13, 1892 and trusts to merit the patronage of the people of Mukwonago and adjoining towns. The bank is provided with a thoroughly fireproof vault and the latest improved burglar-proof safe and is prepared to do a general banking business."

By the end of 1892, the necessary stock was sold and a charter was granted by the State of Wisconsin to the Citizens Bank of Mukwonago on December 12, 1892. Just as a pan of bread dough would rise so that the pan could no longer hold it, so the bank prospered.

In the ensuing years, Citizens Bank of Mukwonago has remained an independent community bank. All of our offices are located in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our focus on the customer has never wavered, nor has our commitment to the communities we serve and the time-honored principles of sound banking upon which we were founded.

People who work at the bank are residents of the area. They are very interested in keeping the communities the bank serves safe, happy and prosperous places by being responsive to the needs of the residents and businesses of the area. The bank supports each community by contributing money to schools, hospitals, libraries, fire departments, and charitable organizations. The time and talents of many employees are enjoyed by local organizations as well. These are just a few examples of the personal touches that can only come from a community bank.

The philosophy of the bank is perfectly summed up in the bank's mission statement, which says, "The mission of Citizens Bank of Mukwonago is to offer our customers a full range of financial products at competitive rates while providing a fair return to our shareholders. We strive to provide personalized service to our customers. – who hold our future in their hands."

Thank you for visiting our web site - we hope you like it. We appreciate you doing business with us, and if you're not currently a Citizens Bank of Mukwonago customer, we personally invite you to become one. Take a tour through our web site for more information about all our products and services, or stop in at one of our convenient branch locations.