Certificates of Deposit

Citizens Bank of Mukwonago has a reputation for offering very competitive rates on Certificates of Deposit.

Account Type  Opening Balance  Automatically Renewable  Early Withdrawal Penalty 
Add On CD  $250  Yes  3 month 
8-Month CD Special  $5,000  Yes  3 month 
15-Month CD Special  $5,000  Yes  6 month 
3-Month  $1,000  Yes  3 month 
6-Month  $1,000  Yes  3 month 
12-Month  $1,000  Yes  3 month 
24-Month  $1,000  Yes  6 month 
36-Month  $1,000  Yes  6 month 
48-Month  $1,000  Yes  6 month 

Certificates are automatically renewable.

  • Add On CD can be issued for a term of 6 to 12 months.
  • Tiered rate of interest earned depending on amount invested
  • Interest is credited to the account monthly on the same day of the initial deposit
  • Early withdrawal penalty may apply
  • Additional deposits or withdrawals can be made at maturity or within 10 calendar days after maturity
  • Earns competitive interest rates
  • You can earn interest on your CD monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually, then have it credited to the CD, or have the interest direct deposited to an account held at CBM or another financial institution
  • Credited interest can be withdrawn without penalty, upon request, before your CD matures

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